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Monday, April 4, 2011

Write to the Workers in Fukushima

If you write Japanese and would like to send a letter of encouragement to the workers who are at the Fukushima nuclear plant, risking their lives, I have a venue for you. A woman who belongs to an international group I also belong to is married to the man who runs Putzmeister Japan, the company supplying the huge pump that's pumping water into reactor #4. Two even larger Putzmeister pumps have been brought in very recently from Germany and the US, and when more workers transport this improved equipment into the plant later this week, they would very much like to bring letters of encouragement from the public to the workers currently in the plant who have not been able to leave since this whole event started.

These workers are suffering under poor conditions and great stress, and even a few words from the people of the world, showing their appreciation, are bound to do much for their morale. However, timing is of the essence, so you need to do this soon, and to prepare the Japanese yourself, if translation is required. If you are interested, please paste your message into the comments section below, and I will forward it. Otherwise, email me your message (in Japanese) by going to my website's contact page and I will pass your message along. Even a few sentences would be appreciated. Don't forget to include your name and where you are from, and don't forget, these letters will be handed directly to one of the 300 workers in Fukushima. And most importantly, get these messages to me by tomorrow evening at the latest (that's Tuesday evening in Japan time.)

Also, there is a Facebook page where you can post your encouragement in English, Fans of the 300 Silent Samurai in Fukushima. (I'm not sure what will be done with these messages in English though.)

And here's an article about the executive at Putzmeister I mentioned above, and about how his initiative is helping us all.


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Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thanks, JS, I will forward this.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thanks to everyone who sent letters via this blog and my website. They have been forwarded and should reach the workers at the end of this week. I appreciate all your efforts, and I know they will too.