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Friday, April 8, 2011

Richardson Takes Jackson

James Richardson, whose aphorisms I posted about last Friday, has been awarded the Jackson Poetry Prize, worth $50,000. Go, James!

To celebrate, I'll post 4 more of the aphorisms for which he is so acclaimed.

250. The wounds you do not want to heal are you.

454. What’s thinking? You live in a grandly appointed house, but spend all your time rummaging in the attic for any little trinket you hadn’t known was there.

471. If you never do a thing you may regret later, later will never come. As Eve proved, shame is time.

492. Writing a book is like doing a huge jigsaw puzzle, unendurably slow at first, almost self-propelled at the end. Actually, it’s more like doing a puzzle from a box in which several puzzles have been mixed. Starting out, you can’t tell whether a piece belongs to the puzzle at hand, or one you’ve already done, or will do in ten years, or will never do.

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