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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wakening, for Nepal

With the loss of life so high in Nepal, and especially with the loss of so many climbers on Mt. Everest, Nina Romano of Bridle Path Press has decided to re-post my poem "Wakening" on the press's Poet's Corner. "Wakening" originally appeared in Rattle.

I hope this poem can be of some comfort to someone during this crisis, and the aftermath, which lasts for so much longer than those of us whose daily lives are unaffected can imagine.


Haddock said...

Yes the loss of life (and the aftermath) is quite high.
Clicked on your link but the poetry page is not opening.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Haddock, thanks for checking in. It's working for me....I'm sorry it isn't working for you, and I'm not sure what to tell you. Here's the address: