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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Opportunities for Multilinguals

Asymptote has an interesting upcoming feature (copied and pasted below):

Multilingual Writing Special Feature

Our July 2015 issue will include a special feature on multilingual writing. This means we are looking for:

- Original poetry and prose incorporating more than one language: English and Arabic, Spanish and Tagalog, German and Japanese – any combination you can think of. The writing may be predominantly in one language, with a smattering of words in another, or may mix languages so thoroughly as to be intelligible only to bilingual readers.

- Translations of such multilingual originals that incorporate English into their translation. Translators must try to preserve at least an echo of the original text’s multilingualism, whether through using syntax, vocabulary, or accents in new ways, translating into a non-standard variety of English, or even introducing a new language.

- In addition, we are seeking translators willing to volunteer to render non-English multilingual writing into English (we will provide you with the originals). Please indicate your language abilities when applying. 

Deadline: 1 May 2015

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