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Friday, February 13, 2015

Last Chance

My new book Mendeleev's Mandala will be published on February 15th, so it's your last chance to get the special pre-order price from Mayapple Press.

Thanks to all who've ordered already--your books will ship soon!


Shawnte said...

I'm excited about this book.
Is there no S & H charge on the preorder special?

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Hi Shawnte,

Looks like it's included, doesn't it? I haven't ordered one myself, but the editor is quite careful, so I assume there is none.

If anybody knows otherwise, please say. I'll ask directly and get back to you here in these comments if there is S&H.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Okay, Shawnte, I've checked it out. In the US there's no S&H. However, I have readers in Japan, and there is S&H for those (two different buttons on the website--be sure to choose the right one!).