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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Though I took myself off of Facebook until I finish the masters degree I'm working on, I am still on Twitter (@jessdragonfly in case you are interested). However, I haven't taken the time to figure out how to use this social medium effectively. Hashtags, for one thing, I understand conceptually but cannot figure out how to use to any effect or advantage.

Now help is at hand. Writer Susan Noble, at her blog Into Another World, has explained hashtags and made a list of ones that will help writers find one another. Check it our if you have been as clueless as I've been concerning hashtag mania.



Mari said...

Well, I'll never be on Fritter for any price, but thanks for the info. I miss you on Facebook and hope you'll return at some point, but realize it's necessary to clear space for your academic work.

I'm back from AWP and it was madness, but I'm glad I went to see/meet friends and unveil our anthology. I'm mostly glad now to be home!

Be well, Jessica.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Hi Mari,
Facebook is more fun for me than Twitter, which is why I can't afford to be distracted by it. I can go for days and days without needing to check in with Twitter, but it allows me a brief break when I do...not nearly as habit-forming as FB. I'll be back on FB though after I finish my course in November.

Glad you got to enjoy AWP. And glad that you are already referring to your new place as home!


Mari said...

Yes, I hear you about habit-forming, which FB is.

The cherry blossoms are blooming at the Huntington, but I've not seen them yet, as I've been recovering from the standard post-AWP cold. And Pasadena is beginning to feel more like home. Steve and I took a bike ride around CalTech the other day and it was so beautiful, the old buildings and big trees...

Good luck with your studies; I know you are intensely busy with many things, so be in to touch when you have space. Take care, Jessica, and happy spring in Kobe!