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Monday, January 14, 2013

Recent Discoveries

Unbelievable Facts is a great name to follow on Twitter. Yesterday UnBFacts posted something I will never forget: "swims" upside down is still "swims." Actually, in all caps it looks even more flippable: "SWIMS".

Also, friend and poet Mari recommended the poetry of Cynthia Cruz last week when discussing books received for Christmas, and by chance I happened upon an interview with Cynthia Cruz in the Prosody archives (Prosody is a now-defunct literary talk show hosted by poet Jan Beatty and writer Ellen Wadey, which can still be accessed on iTunes--scroll down to March 20, 2007.) You can also listen to the interview here (no scrolling required). It's an old interview, but you can hear Cruz read from her first book, and she and Beatty also discuss some of her themes, including veiled violence in childhood.


Mari said...

Hi Jessica! I'll check out the link you've posted. In case you've not seen it, this one's from August (at the Rumpus, with Jessica Wells):

Pasadena has been super COLD; in fact, all of California has been in a deep freeze. But today's warmer, so I hope we've turned a corner. Hope you're well, and talk soon.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Hi Mari,

I haven't seen the Rumpus interview; I'll check it out.

It's snowing here today--finally had to bring in my laundry because it wasn't going to dry out there!