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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My sister teaches math at Lone Star College, the community college in Houston that's been in the news the last day or so for a shooting. The shooting was at her main campus, but luckily she happened to be at another campus when it occurred. Her husband teaches math at the high school across the street from this campus, and they went into lockdown.

Everyone in my family is okay.

But this situation is not okay.

I don't generally make political statements here because this is not that kind of blog. And I'm not feeling coherent enough right now to make a statement I'll have to stand by later.

But I just want to say this: this is not okay.


Sandy Longhorn said...

I teach at an urban cc; my husband teaches at an urban hs. That niggle of fear that this can happen on any campus at any time...THIS IS NOT OKAY.

And it is different from workplace violence (although that is just as horrific). On a campus, we feel responsible for our students, even at a cc where our students are sometimes older than we are. They look to us for guidance; after all, we are at the front of the room.

Thanks for understanding and for posting this.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

I read somewhere, once, that people who are afraid cannot learn. It's terrible when there is fear in the classroom on so many extra levels. And I think of the teachers at Sandy Hook who clearly tried to shield their students; you are so right, Sandy, that there's an added dymanic in the teacher/student relationship when things go wrong.

This is so distressing.