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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Exception to the Shopping Rule

From times when I have been poor, this shopping rule remains:

If I wish to buy an article of clothing, I must wait one week and see if I still "need" it.

However, if the article of clothing appears in a dream within that week, I must buy it immediately. This almost never happens.

Once, I dreamed about an article of clothing I was considering purchasing, but dreamed that I couldn't find the particular item in my apartment, though apparently I expected to. I looked everywhere, even among in the laundry basket of yet-to-be-laundered clothes.

I had no idea how this fit in with my rule, did not know what to do.

When I returned to the store, the item of clothing had been sold already.

I do not have a shopping rule about books. When I lived in a country in which the library could satisfy me, I did not need one. I need one now, and haven't got one. Among the other things I haven't got.

But I have got a stack of new books from my husband and my parents for Christmas and I will tell you about them later. After I get over this fever. And after it stops snowing (oh, it's already stopped). Okay, back to fever excuse then.

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