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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Essay Advent Calendar

It's December 2nd here in Japan, but I think it's still December 1st in the US, where most of my readers are, so I'm only a bit late on this:

An advent calendar by Essay Daily. Last year Ander Monson did an advent calendar, and this year Essay Daily, which is not really daily as they themselves admit and which is edited by Monson, is keeping up the tradition.

Since the December 1st entry isn't up yet, I don't feel too bad about being late with the news myself. Keep an eye on that link and enjoy!

UPDATE: There is now a post for Dec 1st at Essay Daily. Not sure if it counts in the advent count down or not, but here it is.

And it looks like Diagram, also edited by Monson, has an advent calendar this year too! The first entry is a schematic, one of the features of Diagram that makes it singular. (If you are unfamiliar with Diagram, they publish poetry and stories and reviews and what they call text, in addition to unearthing schematics.)

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