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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Origami Poems

This is from the CRWOPPS list. If I've told you once, I've told you a dozen times, you should subscribe.

See the listing below for The Origami Poems Project.


The Origami Poems Project announces its first annual Poetry Month Celebration Contest. Poems selected will be issued in Origami Collaborative micro-chapbooks this spring. There are 2 themes for these books: Music - and - Kindness

We will create at least two books of 5 – 6 poems each per theme. (Perhaps more than one book per theme - our Poetic license allows this.)

There is no fee for this contest but your submission is priceless to us. Our prize is also priceless - but the selected poets will receive 5 copies of the book in which your poem appears.! Imagine, getting a snail-mail of an Origami book with your poem – very exciting!

Non-Rules Rules:

1. Poem should be around 23 lines long, including Title and Spaces.

2. Poem’s Line Length should be around 47 characters (which includes spaces between letters).

3. Poet may submit up to three poems per theme in the body of an email. Please indicate into which category your poem(s) applies.

4. Unpublished and previously published pieces are welcome. If a piece was published elsewhere, ask nicely for the relevant permissions to reprint. For all selected poems, copyright will revert to the authors. yada yada.

5. Email must reach us by Saturday, March 10th. Subject: Poetry Celebration (or some such wording)
Our poetry-welcoming email address: <origami.submission (at)gmail. com> (replace (at) with @).
6. Selected poems will be announced via email, on our website, and our Facebook page, Monday, April 2, 2012.

Queries should be emailed to the managing editors (us) at:
<origamipoems( at)gmail. com> (replace (at) with @ in sending e-mail)

These submission requirements will soon be posted on our website: www.origamipoems. com


Even if you don't want to enter the contest, you should go to the website and see the many tiny books of poems you can print out and fold yourself that are already available. Very clever.

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