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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Okay, it's time for a little shameless self-promotion, sorry in advance. However, if you hang in there with me through this, there will be a little treat for you at the bottom of this post. No cheating--you've got to read the shameless self-promotion first.

So my new book, The Insomniac's Weather Report (three candles press), is now available from Barnes & Noble and from It's about $4 cheaper at Barnes & Noble, and I'm told that shipping is free from there (stateside, I'm assuming), so keep that in mind.

For those living in Japan, you can order directly from me to save on shipping, if you prefer. My box of books isn't here yet, so for the time being, I'm taking names of people who might be interested in ordering once the books arrive. Payment will be into my postal account, and I will let you know the price once I see the book and determine what kind of shipping will be most reasonable. If you want to be on that list, please email me by clicking on my blog profile and then clicking on the "email" link. Otherwise you can go to the News & Contact page of my website, where you can either fill out a form or click on a link to email me from there. I've given you three choices, but you only need to let me know once.

Okay, the dirty work is done. Thanks for hanging in there. Now for your treat.

Here's a link to the website of one of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine. If you look at the boxes stacked on the right side of the screen, the light blue one second from the bottom is an online record player. Enjoy the incredibly clear and yet gravelly voice of Karin Bergquist. May I suggest "The King Knows How," although "All My Favorite People (Are Broken)" is nice too. Oh, they're all good.



Claire said...

I'd never heard of Over the Rhine, but their music is fantastic! Thanks for introducing them.

And yes, I'll be contacting you to order your book ;-)

Leslie Jam said...

Ordered and amaze missy!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

This new album is beautiful, but the previous album, The Trumpet Child, has more variation in style and tempo. I'd recommend it over this one though everything this band does is amazing.

And they had a huge hit called Spark some years ago. When you hear it you'll know it. Here's a link:

Jessica Goodfellow said...

You amaze too! Love ya!