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Saturday, March 5, 2011

List Lust

I love a list. In fact I sometimes have so many lists going that I make a master list of my lists.

But here's a list that's useful for everyone who submits work to literary journals: Diane Lockward's list of print journals that accept online submissions. It's newly updated and worth your perusal.

There are so many reasons to submit online: convenience, cost, conservation of paper, confirmation of receipt, to name a few, but especially when you live abroad and want to submit to journals in the US, online processes make a tremendous difference. This past month I went to submit to two different journals I think highly of, found out that they don't have an online submission process, and gave up. I still want to submit to them, but later, when I have more time, more cash, more whatever.

While you are at Diane's blog, scroll down a bit to find the form to subscribe to Diane's monthly poetry newsletter. It's on the right below the pictures of her followers. I'm a subscriber and find her prompts, reviews, and book suggestions very helpful. And brief but effective (which this blog has yet to be, but I'm trying.....)

And here's a link featured in Diane's March newsletter, The Ivory Tower, a list of journals and the links that lead directly to their submissions guidelines, sent to Diane by Ken Ronkowitz.

And of course there are the old standbys: NewPages and Duotrope. Duotrope, by the way, has a terrific weekly newsletter you'll want to subscribe to, and a tracking program for you to manage your submissions.

Have I missed your favorite list of journals? If so, please comment. Let the list lust begin.

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