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Monday, August 25, 2014

Help for Homeless Poems

A. (Help for Homeless) Poems? or, B. Help for (Homeless Poems)? you might be wondering. It's the latter, though if anyone has news of the former, let me know.

Christina Veladota at has a new idea called The Homeless Poem Project. It's a call for submissions for poems that the poet believes strongly in but nonetheless can't seem to find a home for.

In Christina's own words: "My intention with The Homeless Poem Project is to publish on maybesopoetry those interesting and quirky poems you can’t seem to place with a literary journal; those poems currently without a home that deserve to be read and appreciated. So find that one poem that’s been kicking around in your submissions folder and send it my way."

Got one of those? Check out Christina's guidelines for submission.

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