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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Catching Up

First of all, free posters for National Poetry Month from the Academy of American Poets over at Sign up now!

Next, poetry news about me: lots of close, but no. In fact, since the beginning of the year, four journals have written to say, liked your work, aren't going to publish it, please send more. That brings the list of journals I need to send more work to up to seven. And here's the question: I had heard that you should respond to such requests within a month, before your name is forgotten, before staff turnover (especially in the case of university-based journals which can be student-run), but then recently I read that it was only good manners to wait six months, so as not to overwhelm editors dealing with stacks of submissions. Both opinions were given by poets who publish regularly. So, what do you think?

My manuscript is also a semi-finalist for a prize that would be a big deal for me; it's not likely I'll win; who knows if I'll even make it to the finals, but here's hoping.....More on this when the news becomes public.

Finally, today is the day I have been waiting for. I am alone at home. This has not happened since before Christmas. Sadly, I need to be alone to really concentrate (I say sadly because it happens so rarely, such an elusive thing). And I have plans to write poems and to clean out a closet and to prepare a few lesson plans and to finish my final problem set for my masters in linguistics. It may not sound thrilling to you, but I am so pleased to have a quiet day to do all this. Yay! And if I get it done, tomorrow I will take the time to go to a student's art show. So, off I go!

(Oh, and did I mention, I'm having a good hair day, a really good hair day, here all alone, with no one to appreciate it. The universe has a sense of humor.)


Carol Berg said...

I think if the journal's submission requirements say anything at all about waiting a few months before re-submitting,(for example, if you've been a contributor, and they want you to wait to re-sub) then I'd wait longer. But if they don't have that specifically written, I'd re-sub sooner. Especially if you think you have something they'd like. I think that takes precedence over all anyway! Good luck!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

I think your approach is really reasonable, Carol. One of the places said they want to see more of my work, but please wait three months and they told me the wording to include in my resubmission cover letter to let them know I had their encouragement. So for them I'll wait; for the others, I do have a stack of poems ready to begin to go out into the world, and I think I'll try these places first.