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Thursday, July 7, 2011

For Parents Who Write

This post is for parents who write, or who sculpt or paint, or collage. Or writers and artists who parent. Mothers who make movies and fathers who photograph, listen up. The Sustainable Arts Foundation wants to support you. This foundation offers grants to parents with at least one child under 18 (with a preference for families living in the San Francisco Bay area) who are simultaneously trying to follow their artistic pursuits and raise their families.

The awards, available in the visual arts and in writing, reward excellence. Up to $6000 is available in each category.  Although the deadline for the summer award (May 20) has passed, you can begin preparing your application for the winter award (deadline September 30, award announced December 1).

Parent-artists, or artist-parents (depending on the day!), are always struggling to find enough time, money and  freedom to follow their twin pursuits, with all too little support in this world in which both parenting and the arts are undervalued in the marketplace. Thank goodness for organizations like the Sustainable Arts Foundation, which recognize the value of what we, parents and art-makers, are trying to accomplish with no sleep, no funding, and precious little time.

If you are a parent who could use some support in your pursuit of art, click on the link to see if this boon could work for you.

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