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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Best American Poetry 2018 Trailer!

Hey, all. Dana Gioia and Best American Poetry 2018 have a trailer for their new volume.

Did I mention that I'm in the new volume? Here's the back cover.

Can you find my name (there among names like Mary Ruefle!!!!!!!!, Kay Ryan, Marie Howe!!!!!!!!!!!!, Kaveh Akbar, A R Ammons, Gary Snyder, Frank Bidart!!!!, Terrance Hayes, Ilya Kaminsky, Amy Nezhukumatathil, Sharon Olds, GC Waldrep, Natasha Trethewey, etc etc etc.!!!!!)?

And for those of you in New York City, there's a reading to launch the volume, at the New School on 9/20. I can't be there, and am really sorry about it. If you can go, please do!!!!

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