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Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Way with Words

I started listening to the public radio podcast A Way with Words, with hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett, a couple of months ago, madly enjoying their banter as well as their extensive knowledge about etymology, neologisms, colloquialisms, slang, sociolinguistics, and more.

Recently I listened to an archived episode about palindromes, which those of you who know me well will remember is a passion of mine. I'm also going through one of my insomniac periods, and their archives have been my go-to listening in the middle of the recent interminable nights. It's from them that I learned the word triboluminescence, which recently showed up in a new poem of mine.

In a surprising development, Martha will be reading one of my poems on the upcoming episode this weekend. If you want to listen live, you can find a radio station here. If you'd like to listen via SoundCloud or iTunes after the fact, I will post links once they are available. So keep an eye out here, and I'll get back to you soon.

This is a fun podcast. This is how they answer the phone when callers ring them to ask their word-related questions: "Hello. You've got A Way with Words."  And it just gets better and better. If you love langauge, you'll want to listen and support the show. Try it--you won't be sorry.

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