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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I signed up for a great writing prompt, to come weekly to my inbox. It's called This is Not a Literary Journal, and you can sign up too.

This week's prompt  (from James Brush) introduced me to Robert Peake's online prompt generator. I suggest you read James Brush's brief article before you rush off to play with the generator (he'll reveal the parameters he prefers to set on the generator), and Brush will recommend in his piece that that you read Peake's article In Praise of Randomness.

And you should do all that, if you haven't already hurried off to play with the new toy. Also I recommend you sign up for the weekly prompt. But probably no one is reading this, as you've all probably long since clicked on a link and disappeared. Which is as it should be. And now I'll disappear too.

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