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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Neat on thet Net: Word Nerd II

1) The Millions has compared US book covers to UK book covers, different editions of the same book. See which sensibility more closely matches yours. For example (US on the left, UK on the right):


2) Lapham's Quarterly has collected some marginalia penned by scribes and copyists in medieval manuscripts and colophons, including this gem: "New parchment, bad ink; I say nothing more."

3) For quite awhile, I was following the story of the unknown book sculptor leaving works of art anonymously in Scottish libraries, but I lost sight of the story. Today an update: the sculptor is now known by a selected few (not by the public, not by me) and has even been commissioned to do work. She's (gender has been revealed) interviewed by the BBC here.

Sculpture based on Tam O'Shanter

4) Finally, an interesting call for submissions from The Account for their "spe­cial Spring ’15 issue: 'Graphic Works/Graphic Nar­ra­tives.' We’re seek­ing graphic nar­ra­tives, illu­mi­nated man­u­scripts, rebuses, illus­tra­tions evoca­tive of sto­ries, and poems that inter­act with the page as a visual land­scape (such as con­crete poems, era­sures, and prose poems)."

They also "require work to be paired with an “account” (of 150–500 words) that describes the thought, influ­ences, and choices that make up your aes­thetic as it per­tains to the spe­cific work you send us."

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