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Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Son Instructs Me on How to Attend His School Festival

"Bye, boys. See you later, at the festival."
"Bye, Mom. See you at the festival." That's my older son.

My younger son. "Mom? Today? At school? No hugging."
"And no patting me on the back."
"Or on the head....Or anywhere."
"Actually, touching. At school, no touching."
"And no singing."
"No singing?"
"You know. When people are performing on stage. No singing along."
"Anything else?"
"Just don't....don't....just don't do anything embarrassing."
"Okay.............Like what?"
(Insert long pause here.)
"Mom, it's good that you're coming to the festival. But maybe you should go home early."


deeps said...

now thats a great session :P

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Yes, a lot was figured out all out once!