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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doubleback Books: Just Like It Sounds!

If you've had the heartbreak of your book going out of print with very few copies in circulation due to a small press closing (and I've had that heartbreak), here is good news. Doubleback Books is a new press devoted to reissuing books that have no long available, but really should be.

As Doubleback says on its website: "if you are the author of a book that has recently gone out of print because the press closed, we want to read it. If you are the former editor of a recently closed press with books you believe deserve to return to print, we want to read them. If we love them, we want to give the world another chance to love them, too."

Check out their submissions guidelines.

(And may I say, what a really smart model. Here are books that have already been through the selection and editing processes, have been deemed worthy, and then through no fault of their own have become unavailable. The editors of this press are taking advantage of sifting and priming work already done by other editors in the past--smart! And how great for the writers!)

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