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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Return to Facebook

So after a year and a half of being off Facebook, I'm back on, and here's why. I just found out that my manuscript Mendeleev's Mandala was a semi-finalist for C&R Press's De Novo Prize. The announcement went out a week ago, via Facebook, and I've patiently been waiting to hear, but didn't because it's not on the publisher's website, only on their Facebook page. So I'm back on FB to forestall any future problems like this.

I'm torn about the FB thing;  I didn't miss it when I wasn't on it, but perhaps there's no other way to keep in touch with certain entities in the poetry world.

And I'm happy about the semi-finalist finishing for my manuscript. Here's hoping the newly reordered manuscript does even better somewhere else.


Mari said...

Welcome back, Jessica. Alas, I'm afraid FB has become the way many in the poetry/literary world keep in touch these days. To its credit, I've also found it's a virtual space where I can track my internal process and that I often stumble upon posts by others that synchronistically coincide with my own thinking/experience in the moment. So, it's been somewhat of a helpful resource in this regard, although is still a terrible time suck that requires management and periodic breaks.

I know I don't have the energy/commitment for blogging, as you do, so FB is it for me.

Congrats on your manuscript, and I hope it finds a suitable home very soon!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

You are right about FB having its benefits. Will keep that in mind!

Tressa said...


Jessica Goodfellow said...

Thanks, Tressa. It's a bit of encouragement, and not more, but I'll take what I can get!