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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Periodic Table in Song

My new manuscript, which I began sending around last November, is called Mendeleev's Mandala. Mendeleev is the guy who discovered (or created, depending on your POV) the periodic table of elements.

So I have a thing for the periodic table (of course I do, what a list: every known thing!). Anyway, I just discovered this video from AsapScience (via Maria Popova's Explore website).

(And here's the title poem from my manuscript (scroll down) at Thrush Poetry Journal.)


Tressa said...

Fun song and excellent poem!

You might enjoy this (it inspired my ongoing attempt to write a poem for each element) ~

"Occasional Songs For The Periodic Table"

(short song for each element)

Jessica Goodfellow said...


Thank you for the heads-up on this podcast. How have I lived without it? I've subscribed...thanks so much!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

And Tressa, good luck on your series of to see them when they're done.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Antimony! Oh wow!

Jessica Goodfellow said...
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Jessica Goodfellow said...


Jessica Goodfellow said...

I know it's getting dull, me commenting on the elements, but protactinium is so brilliant!

Jessica Goodfellow said...

One more favorite: Berkelium

Tressa said...

Ha ha! I'm glad you like the songs and the podcast as well!

My poems (as they come) will be here ~

Poems Periodic

Jessica Goodfellow said...

Nice start, Tressa. I like the comparison of copper to a well-worked muscle. Thanks for sharing this.