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Friday, February 8, 2013

What's Neat on the Net, Part III

1) First we have a typeface in which every single letter is an optical illusion. It's called, rather amusingly, Macula. Brought to you by Co-Design.


2) Jeff Goins blogs about the most important part of creativity. And finds that it is...(drum roll please) I love space, all kinds of space. I love to talk about space and think about space, and wonder why I ever moved to Japan where one can never get enough space.

Goins breaks his topic down into 3 kinds of space: physical, mental, and spiritual. And I was so glad to read that someone else has to do his housework and chores before writing. I'm an afternoon writer, as I've mentioned before, in a world where we are repeatedly told that the best creative work is done in the early morning or late at night. But I do my best work when I can concentrate because all the niggling little things that partially occupy my mind until they are done are actually done. And that's what Goins calls mental space. Read about all three types of space and how they affect your creativity at his blog.

3) The Atlantic has the sweetest movie video from Bianca Giaever, called the Scared is scared. It's inspired by a story told by a six-year-old, and the clever filming doesn't overwhelm the message of how to cope with disappointment and fear.

4) Also from The Atlantic, what is this detritus being found on Mars? Looks like stuff I might find under my couch, if I went and looked, but I won't because that's not on my radar of things to do today---not clogging up my mental space right now, but I need to change the subject or it will.....But before I do, pictures at the link!

5) From Neels Castillon, this Bird Ballet. This is what wonder looks like.

6) Finally, Brain Pickings has a few pages from the interesting children's book Ounce, Dice, Trice by Alastair Reid. It explains unusual words in a most engaging way. Check it out.

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