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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inappropriate in Japan

Today was the elementary school concert at my sons' school. Every year something amusing goes on, something which amuses pretty much only me and the few other "western" parents. This year it was the fourth graders' instrumental rendition of "The Tequila Song" (originally by the Champs, revitalized by Pee Wee Herman). There's nothing like a bunch of (non-English-speaking) ten-year-olds screaming "Tequira!" in their school auditorium and their proud parents clapping along.

(Oh, and the arrangement featuring xylophones, recorders, and accordians really rocked it!)
And since we're talking inappropriate, here's an app that gets William Shatner's voice to read your poem.


Sandy Longhorn said...

This one is going to stay with me all day long. Thanks for the laugh. Wish you had a recording of the xylophones, recorders, & etc.

Jessica Goodfellow said...

I wish I did too. The school has strict rules against photos, videos, recordings, etc. Not only so they can sell us the official copy in a week or two, but also to keep all the proud parents in their seats, so they don't elbow each other in a mad rush to be the closest to the stage.