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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Best Word Ever!

The Atlantic Monthly has interviewed blogger Ted McCagg about his system for deciding "the best word ever" which (spoiler alert) he deems to be "diphthong." It's a good word, and I'd agree it's the best among his top eight, but I'm not in agreement about his top eight.

On the other hand, I'm am intrigued with system of deciding on these words: brackets a la March Madness. First he made brackets for words beginning with each of the 26 letters, and eventually he worked his way down to the winner.

I love the systematic way he's done it (though don't necessarily think it's the best way, though it's admirably organized), but still can't suss out his criteria for choosing between words (but do accept that there isn't always a rational defense for such choices).

Anyway, what are your favorite words?????? Please reply, readers, I am seriously interested.

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