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Monday, July 16, 2012

Beauty for Kids

Flavorwire's 20 Most Beautiful Children's Books Ever (including one written by poet Ted Kooser & illustrated by Jon Klassen). What's your favorite children's book, and is it because it's beautiful?


Perogyo said...

Interesting list. A lot of wordless picture books, which are not necessarily my favourite. I love Lon Po Po though.

My favourite picture book right now is Virginia Wolf. It is beautiful. It's the rosy cheeks too, but the word play is just as beautiful.

What's your fave?

Jessica Goodfellow said...

For actually reading with kids, I generally prefer a strong narrative as well. But I found this great book about numbers that has NO words at all, and is so useful in getting a grasp of the base 10 system we use that I have come to love it. It's by a Japanese author and illustrator, but since there are no words, no problem for anyone!
It's Anno's Counting Book (by Mitsumasa Anno):

As a kid I loved Don Freeman's Corduroy, but now I am baffled as to why....