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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

100,000 Poets For Change

100 Thousand Poets for Change is an global event happening on September 24 in 95 countries, in 400 cities, and  consisting of 500 events. Poets worldwide will gather to express their desire for social, political, and environmental change. Check this website if you want to find an event near you.

For those in Japan, there are events in Tokyo, but I cannot figure out what they are. Click on the link, find Japan, and then Tokyo, in the country list on the left, and there are two email addresses of organizers you can contact to find out.

For those in Nagoya, events are described in the comments section of the Nagoya listing, and I have also pasted them below:

English haiku event

English haiku workshop and poetry reading
September 24   9 am – 2 pm
Public invited to participate.

At 9 am, participants will gather in front of Osu Kannon Temple for a brief introduction to Osu and to writing haiku in English. Groups of ten participants will be formed. From 9 -11 am, the groups will explore the Osu Kannon shopping arcade and neighborhood, notebooks in hand.

At 11 am, all will gather at Osu Maneki-neko, and then walk together to Kamimaezu to Mondo Books. From 11:30-12:30 or so, there will be a writing workshop followed by a reading of haiku from the ginko walk.

The reading will begin in a circle as each participant expresses his or her wishes for change in the world.

Participants’ best haiku will be published on the website: 100Thousand Poets for Change.

The writing workshop and reading at Mondo Books will be web-cast on the internet.

Though the event will be documented throughout the day, photography and videography will be limited to participants only to encourage a contemplative atmosphere for writers.

Bring a notebook, pen, snacks and water.
Maps and English autumn kigo lists will be supplied.
Info: or Leah Ann Sullivan at

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